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Chlamydia MOMP selected as 3rd Model Antigen

After a rigorous selection process, the MOMP antigen from Chlamydia has been selected as the 3rd model antigen.
A list of 36 possible antigens for consideration as the 3rd model antigen to be used for comparative studies in the ADITEC project was assembled by Andrew Schiermeier. The data was collected from consortium partners and included a detailed list of attributes: class of the pathogen, disease, route of infection, public health significance, infection type, licensing status, progress of the vaccine and any special comments or issues. This chart was presented to the ADITEC Steering Committee and, following considerable discussion, the Steering Committee narrowed the antigen list for further consideration to five antigens.
In February, a sub-group of the steering committee was assembled to review all of the possibilities, with considerable focus on the “narrowed” five. Selection criteria were established by this sub-group, and using those criteria, the list was narrowed to two, Chlamydia trachomatisand Escherichia coli.
These two antigens, along with background information on each, were sent to the External Advisory Board for consideration and the selection on one for recommendation to the Steering Committee. This committee, under the coordination of Pier-Luigi Lopalco, met and recommended MOMP antigen from Chlamydia to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee again had a lengthy discussion, and ultimately adopted the EAB’s recommendation.
The sequence was distributed to the partners on August 3, 2012 and has been posted on the ADITEC website in the members’ only section, under “Reagents and SOPs”. For work within the ADITEC project, this antigen will be provided from Statens Serum Institute by contacting Else Marie Agger.

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