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New affiliated partners

ADITEC aims to produce new knowledge for the next generation of new human vaccines. This goal requires a multidisciplinary approach where diverse and complementary scientific disciplines and technologies converge. Besides the interaction between the current 42 full project members, ADITEC introduced the option to become an affiliated project member: organisations which have full access to ADITEC’s dissemination activities, training programs, impact sharing activities and opportunities for commissioned research undertaken by ADITEC members.
ADITEC is pleased to announce 4 new affiliated members: Chalmers university of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden), Viscogel AB (Solna, Sweden), Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland) and Eurocine Vaccines AB (Solna, Sweden).

Trinity College works closely with Sigmoid Pharma Ltd on the development of an innovative oral vaccine delivery system, mPill™. They found that this system has the potential to improve the efficacy of cholera and ETEC vaccines in mice, and has wide applicability in the development of mucosal vaccines both as a stand-alone system and also in prime-boost regimes. In collaboration with ADITEC partner SSI, studies will be conducted into the potential of mPill™ to promote genital tract immunity against Chlamydia antigens.

Viscogel AB is specialized on chitosan technology with special emphasis on medical applications. The small medium enterprise (SME) aims develop vaccine applications together with other ADITEC partners by contributing its expertise on chitosan, carbohydrate chemistry, drug delivery, immunology and vaccinology and offering tailored material through its own manufacturing.

Chalmers University of Technology has several skills and expertise in computational biology specialized in large-scale data analysis. In the ADITEC consortium, multi-level omics data will be generated based on different specific aims. Chalmers’ skills and experiences in large-scale data handling and analysis in holistic approach will contribute to the consortium to accelerate mechanistic understandings and novel findings at systems level.

Eurocine Vaccines AB develops nasal vaccines. Eurocine Vaccines will add value to ADITEC by its expertise on immunization technologies, adjuvants and specifically on mucosal vaccine delivery. They have developed a safe mucosal adjuvant/delivery system for nasal vaccination. The nasal mucosa as a route for vaccination is attractive due to the fact that about 80% of all pathogens enter our bodies through the mucosal surfaces. Eurocine Vaccines believes that nasal vaccination has a specially interesting potential in children since children has a unique and strategically placed lymphoid tissue called the nasopharyngeal tonsil (the adenoid).

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