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Newsletter June 2017

ADITEC’s Scientific and Socio-Economic Impact Report

Thomson Reuters Impact Report Published

The ADITEC Scientific and Socio-Economic Impact Report by Thomson Reuters, first presented at the European Parliament (click here for the Press Release) and during the H2020 Health Program Committee (Brussels February 16th), has been published and is available here.
Development of novel immunisation technologies, adjuvants, vectors and delivery systems, formulations and vaccination methods optimised for different age groups, 219 scientific publications, 12 clinical trials, training to over 190 PhD and PostDocs, all realised in less than six years: these are just some of the results of ADITEC, that has established a new model for vaccine research, based on a strong synergy between private and public institutions that has proved to be most effective.

Key ADITEC Achievements and their Impact

Research Topic, dedicated to the ADITEC project and its successes, to be published in Frontiers in Immunology

The Research Topic “Advanced Immunization Technologies for Next Generation Vaccines”, highlighting the advances made by the ADITEC project in the development of advanced immunization technologies and in the study of human vaccine immune responses through the latest generation methodologies will to be published in Frontiers in Immunology, Section Vaccines and Molecular Therapeutics.

Deadline for the submission of articles is September 15, 2017

The Research Topic and the e-book will be sponsored by the ADITEC project that will cover the publication costs.

More information on the special issue and how to submit an article can be found here.

A new course ‘Advanced Course in Flow Cytometry applied to Vaccinology’ will be organized in Siena in September 2017

ADITEC is pleased to announce the Training Course on “Advanced Course in Flow Cytometry Applied to Vaccinology” that will be held in Siena on from 11 to 14 September 2017.

Participants’ course registration fees and hotel accommodation will be covered by the ADITEC project.

Deadline for submission of applications 5th June 2017. More information can be found here.

ADITEC’s final meeting in Siena

The next ADITEC Annual Meeting will be held in Siena on 18th – 20th September 2017. This three day event will be attended by over one hundred participants from the 42 ADITEC partner institutions which include some of the most competitive European research groups from universities, research institutions and biotech companies together with top US groups. The meeting will focus on the final year’s project accomplishments and it is a great opportunity to fully see the global effort ADITEC has made during its project cycle.

Dr. Rino Rappuoli (GSK) awarded the 2017 Canada Gairdner Award

Recognizing some of the most significant medical discoveries from around the world, The Gairdner Foundation has awarded Dr. Rino Rappuoli, Chief Scientist and Head External R&D at GSK Vaccines, Siena, Italy, with the 2017 Canada Gairdner Award.

One of seven laureates to receive the award, Dr. Rappuoli was honored for pioneering the genomic approach, known as reverse vaccinology, used to develop a vaccine against meningococcus B which has already saved many lives worldwide. In the process of reverse vaccinology the entire genomic sequence of a pathogen is screened using bioinformatics tools to help determine which genes code for which proteins, against which vaccines can be developed.

His work on reverse vaccinology led to the licensure of the first meningococcus B vaccine approved in Europe and Canada in 2013 and USA in 2015. The vaccine against men B is now approved in more than 35 countries with more than 10 million doses distributed from Italy around the world.

Jan Holmgren (University of Gothenburg) has received the 2017 Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal Award

ADITEC is pleased to announce that the 2017 Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal award has been awarded to Dr. Jan Holmgren for his pioneering contributions to oral vaccine research and mucosal immunology, as well as his leadership in the discovery of the world’s first effective oral cholera vaccine, definition of basic mucosal immune regulation and modulation pathways, and elucidation of fundamental mechanisms of enteric infection pathogenesis and immunity.

ADITEC Comparative System Analyses on Molecular Signatures of Clinically testes Vaccine Adjuvants published in Nature Scientific reports

The first report on comparative systems biology analysis of these four adjuvants was produced. The results of whole genome transcriptional analysis unrevealed common and unique molecular pathways and cellular responses induced by the different human adjuvants that could inform rational vaccine design.

This is the first extensive attempt to categorize clinical-grade adjuvants based on their immune profiles, protective efficacy and systems biology analysis to inform a rational development of next generation vaccines for human use.Data are published in Olafsdottir T, et al. Nature Sci. Rep. 2016.

Recent Publications

This is the list of recent publications related to the ADITEC project:

Majlessi L., Sayes F., Bureau J-F, Pawlik A, Michel V, Jouvion G., ,Huerre M., Severgnini M., Consolandi C., Peano C., Brosch R., Touati E., Leclerc C. Colonization with Helicobacter is concomitant with modified gut microbiota and drastic failure of the immune control of Mycobacterium Tuburculosis. Mucosal Immunology (2017) doi:10.1038/mi.2016.140

Pangrazzi L, Meryk A, Naismith E, Koziel R, Lair J, Krismer M, Trieb K, Grubeck-Loebenstien B. “Inflamm-aging” influences immune cell survival factors in human bone marrow. European Journal of Immunology. (2017) doi: 10.1002/eji.201646570

Tornack J, Reece S, Bauer W, Vogelzang A, Bandermann S, Zedler U, Sting G, Kaufmann S, Melchers F. Human and Mouse Hematopoietic Stem Cells Are a Depot for Dormant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Plos One (2017) doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0169119

Anselmo A, Riva F, Gentile S, Soldani et al. Expression and function of IL-1R8 (TIR8/SIGIRR): a regulatory member of the IL-1 receptor family in platelets. Cardiovascular Research. (2016);111(4):373-84. doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvw162

Badamchi-Zadeh A, McKay PF, Korber BT, et al. A Multi-component prime-Boost vaccination regimen with a consensus MOMP antigen enhances Chlamydia trachomatis clearance. Frontiers in Immunology (2016); 7:

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Billeskov R, Tan EV, Cang M, Abalos RM, Burgos J, Pedersen BV, Christensen D, Agger EM, Andersen P. Testing the H56 vaccine delivered in 4 different adjuvants as a BCG-Booster in a non-human primate model of Tuberculosis. PLoS One. (2016) Aug; 11(8) doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0161217

Boer, MC; van Meijgaarden, KE; Goletti, D; Vanini, V; Prins, C; Ottenhoff, THM; Joosten, SA. KLRG1 and PD-1 expression are increased on T-cells following tuberculosis-treatment and identify cells with different proliferative capacities in BCG-vaccinated adults. Tuberculosis (2016) doi: 10.1016/

Bonacina F, Barbieri SS, Cutuli L, Amadio P, Doni A, Sironi M, Tartari S, Mantovani A, Bottazzi B, Garlanda C, Tremoli E, Catapano AL, Norata GD. Vascular pentraxin 3 controls arterial thrombosis by targeting collagen and fibrinogen induced platelets aggregation. Biochim Biophys Acta. Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids (2016), 1862:1182-90. doi: 10.1016/j.bbadis.2016.03.007

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Dey A, Molodecky NA, Verma H, Sharma P, Yang JS, Saletti G, Ahmad M, Bahl SK, Wierzba TF, Nandy RK, Deshpande JM, Sutter RW, Czerkinsky C. Human circulating antibody-producing B cell as a predictive measure of mucosal immunity to Poliovirus. PLoS One. (2016) 11(1):e0146010; doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0146010

Gengenbacher M., Nieuwenhuizen N., Vogelzang A., Liu H., Kaiser P., Schuerer S., Lazar D., Wagner I., Mollenkopf H., Kaufmann S. Deletion of nuoG from the vaccine candidate Mycobacterium bovis BCG _ureC::hly improves protection against Tuberculosis. American Society for Microbiology (2016) May doi: 10.1128/mBio.00679-1624

Grasse M, Meryk A, Schirmer M, Grubeck-Loebenstein B, Weinberger B. Booster vaccination against tetanus and diphtheria: insufficient protection against diphtheria in young and elderly adults Immunity and Ageing. (2016);13(1):26. doi: 10.1186/s12979-016-0081-0

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Huber A, Kallerup RS, Korsholm KS, Franzyk H, Lepenies B, Christensen D, Foged C, Lang R. Trehalose diester glycolipids are superior to the monoesters in binding to Mincle, activation of macrophages in vitro and adjuvant activity in vivo. Innate Immunology. (2016) (6):405-18. doi: 10.1177/1753425916651132. Epub 2016 Jun 1

Jaillon S, Ponzetta A, Magrini E, Barajon I, Barbagallo M, Garlanda C, Mantovani A. Fluid phase recognition molecules in neutrophil-dependent immune responses. Seminars in Immunology. (2016), 28:109-118. doi: 10.1016/j.smim.2016.03.005

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Laubreton D, Bay S, Sedlik C, Artaud C, Ganneau C, Dériaud E, Viel S, Puaux AL, Amigorena S, Gérard C, Lo-Man R, Leclerc C. The fully synthetic MAG-Tn3 therapeutic vaccine containing the tetanus toxoid-derived TT830-844 universal epitope provides anti-tumor immunity. Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy. (2016) February, doi: 10.1007/s00262-016-1802-0

Lebens, M; Terrinoni, M; Karlsson, SL; Larena, M; Gustafsson-Hedberg, T; Kallgard, S; Nygren, E; Holmgren, J. Construction and preclinical evaluation of mmCT, a novel mutant cholera toxin adjuvant that can be efficiently produced in genetically manipulated Vibrio cholera. Vaccine (2016) doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2016.03.002

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