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ADITEC is the FP7 High Impact Project on Advanced Immunization Technologies funded by the EU with the aim to produce the knowledge necessary to develop novel and powerful immunization technologies for the next generation of human vaccines. This goal requires a multidisciplinary approach where diverse and complementary scientific disciplines and technologies converge.

While ADITEC is a particularly large consortium, we recognize that not all present or future EU scientists working on advanced immunization technologies have been recruited to this network. Although we do not have sufficient funds to support full membership, specific provision has been made to incorporate additional partners as Affiliated Members.

Affiliated Member will have full access to ADITEC's dissemination activities (conferences, workshops, online resources, and news bulletins), training programs, impact sharing activities, and opportunities for commissioned research undertaken by ADITEC members for the benefits of project-external partners, in particular SMEs. Affiliate membership would effectively link you and your work with existing ADITEC members.

Here you can read how you can become an affiliated member

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Cristiana Tozzi
Project manager
+39 0577 53 9443