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The ADITEC project, funded through the 7th Framework Programme for R&I of the European Union, started in October 2011 with the aim to accelerate the development of novel and powerful immunization technologies for the next generation of human vaccines.

Scientists from 42 partner institutions in 13 different European countries and USA joined forces in the ADITEC project. With a budget of about €30 million over 6 years, ADITEC has made significant advances in the development of novel immunisation technologies, adjuvants, vectors and delivery systems, formulations and vaccination methods optimised for different age groups.

 ADITEC not only met the goal to develop new advanced technologies, but also took the leadership to make them broadly available, favouring the formation of a new, collaborative ecosystem where the European scientific and industrial sector act as an enterprise that is able to lead the innovation globally.

ADITEC has conducted and completed 12 clinical trials and is contributing to international regulation and standards for these novel technologies. Through the project’s continual success and achievement, 302 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals have been produced. Along with regularly setting up and running European training programmes, ADITEC has also created synergies and cross-fertilization between research areas that have the potential to fill existing gaps and advance this knowledge well into the future. The main akievements of the ADITEC project are summarised in the ADITEC Impact Report.

New technologies, along with efficient management and governance, can effectively advance these innovations to the clinic and make a real difference for future health. Continued support would guarantee that the ADITEC initial success is fully exploited with evident impact on health improvements and EU economy.