ADITEC applies for the first time the ‘system vaccinology’ approach to studying immunity to influenza vaccination in 14-24 month old children: results published in PNAS.


Earlier this week the following manuscript on systems biology of influenza vaccine in early childhood, has been accepted for publication in PNAS.

Systems biology of immunity to MF59-adjuvanted versus non-adjuvanted trivalent seasonal influenza vaccines in early childhood
Helder I Nakaya, Elizabetth Clutterbuck, Dmitri Kazmin, Lili Wang, Mario Cortese, Steven E Bosinger, Nirav B, Patel, Daniel E Zak, Alan Aderem, Tao Dong, Giuseppe Del Giudice, Rino Rappuoli , Vincenzo Cerundolo, Andrew J Pollard, Bali Pulendran, Claire-Anne Siegrist

Many ADITEC partners have been involved in the writing and preparation of this manuscript