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Advanced Immunization Technologies (ADITEC)

The High Impact Project ADITEC, was launched in October 2011 to develop new vaccination strategies. The scope of the project, funded through the 7th Framework Programme for R&I of the European Union, was to accelerate the development of novel and powerful immunization technologies for the next generation of human vaccines.

Scientists from 42 partner institutions in 13 different European countries and USA joined forces in the ADITEC project. With a budget of about €30 million over 6 years, ADITEC has made significant advances in the development of novel immunisation technologies, adjuvants, vectors and delivery systems, formulations and vaccination methods optimised for different age groups.

At the end of the 6 years funding from the European Commission, ADITEC had become a symbol of vaccine innovation with the ability to bring together most of the leading scientists in the field.  For this reason, the ADITEC members decided to continue the mission of ADITEC and to sustain the ADITEC network organizing every year an ADITEC scientific meeting to exchange the latest results in vaccine innovation. The ADITEC 2018 Meeting was held in Siena on the 1-3 October with the participation of over 120 participants from EU and USA. Read more here.