Masterclass VacTrain 9-10 May, Leiden, The Netherlands


VacTrain, an initial training network for vaccinologists, organises the Masterclass is open to anyone, in particular PhD students and young postdocs, who is interested in vaccine development.

Venue: Golden Tulip Hotel Leiden, The Netherlands

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VacTrain is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded by the 7th Framework People Programme of the European Commission. Eleven PhD students (VacTrainees) will be trained  to become the next generation of vaccinologists. They will work in leading European research groups in academia and industry, located in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Israel, Germany, Italy and Austria. In addition, VacTrain includes four European associated partners and a Research Training and Advisory committee consisting of five top scientists in the field of vaccinology.
The main objectives of VacTrain are:

  • To provide talented Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary and intersectional training in vaccinology leading to a PhD degree.
  • To improve the career perspectives of its ESRs by broad and complementary skill development (e.g. management, innovation, communication, writing, dissemination, intellectual property, valorisation and entrepreneurship).
  • To answer the most urgent questions in vaccine development and apply them to develop candidate vaccines with the highest possible impact.
  • To contribute to a lasting pan-European multidisciplinary and intersectional network with key players in vaccinology from the academia and the private sector in Europe that will have considerable impact on the field of vaccinology.